Take your business to the next level with SME Finance

No need to wait for unpaid invoices or to take cash from rigid sources of financing. Get up to ₦20m within 48 hours to grow and expand your business. Apply for a business loan today and enjoy cheap rates. No collateral required!

Does my business qualify ?

Have you been in business for 6 months or more?

Applying for an SME Finance loan is super easy, no physical branch visits, hidden fees, bulky paperwork, or collateral is required. However, we require some business documentation such as your bank statement for 6 months in order to calculate your loan offer.

Do you have up to ₦1m in monthly revenue?

SME Finance is designed for Small to Medium scale businesses who are looking for easily accessible credit to purchase inventory, liquidate unpaid invoices, procure goods and services, and generally grow their business to generate more income.

Need to expand your business

Are you looking for growth capital? Carbon SME Finance provides you with funds to procure more goods, scale your business, and generate more revenue. Making more money requires more capital, this is what we are here to provide.

You are tired of rigid traditional sources of financing

You don't have to visit any physical branches or submit your father's property as collateral. The entire application process is online, our fees are transparent, and we aim to make you an offer in 48 hours or less

Complete & Feature Rich

We are a world-class financial services company dedicated to providing access to credit in a faster, cheaper and easier way. Here are some reasons why you should use Carbon SME Finance:

Fast & Easy

The entire application process is online, No collateral or guarantor required. Simply complete our application form, provide the required documents, and you are set to go.


We charge a fixed 5% fee on the amount disbursed for new applicants and 4% for returning customers. Unlike traditional sources of funding, there are zero hidden fees.


You can repay your loan earlier than the term with zero penalties. Our repayment schedule is via direct debit so you don't have to worry about doing a bank transfer.


We are always looking for better ways to serve our customers. Some businesses have seen signicant growth when they received SME Finance loan. See what some of them are saying.

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Samuel Ejeh
CEO, Grocery Bazaar

The funds we received has allowed us to add a location in Satellite Town, Lagos. Our experience with Carbon has been fantastic. It is a relief to know that a company out there has identified a gap in the funding needs of Nigerian businesses and is plugging that hole with an innovative solution.

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Joseph Madumelu
CEO, G.Connect Mobile Ventures

We needed funds to expand our agency banking outlets and we applied for a Carbon SME Loan. The loan was disbursed within 48 hours, repayment was flexible and were able to grow our numbers by 40%.

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Eloho O.
MD/CEO, Louisier International Limited

We applied for the Carbon SME and the loan was disbursed. We were able to add it to our working capital and improve our services. Thank you, carbon SME Finance

Developer's Hub

The API platform for Financial Services

Built by developers for developers. Scale your business with robust APIs

const carbonpay = require('carbonpay')('key_ndgs7628ddjdWEY2898E2_jdsggw7627hjbha');
const charge_card = await carbonpay.charge({
    carbonpay: 2000,
    currency: 'NGN',
    customer: {
        email: 'john@doe.com',
        name: 'John Doe'
    source: {
        number: '4123451234512345',
        cvv: '123',
        exp_month: 12,
        exp_year: 2019

POST /v1/verify/ HTTP/1.1
Host: carbonivs.co
Authorization: Basic xyhsgsjgshs==
Content-Type: application/json
cache-contro: no-cache

    identification_number: 'A12345678',
    identification_type: 'passport',
    identification_dob: '1990-02-01'",
    identification_name: 'Homo Sapien'

POST /v2/transfer/ HTTP/1.1
Host: optimus-staging.getcarbon.co
Authorization: Basic xyhsgsjgshs==
Content-Type: application/json

    transaction_amount: 10000,
    beneficiary_account_number: '0123456789',
    beneficiary_bank_code: '058',
    custom_fields: {
        invoice: '2332211223',
        description: 'Payment for 3 API Shoes'
    customer_reference: '323345',
    transaction_narration: 'Transfers for 3 API Shoes'

Coming soon!

Integration has never been easier. Customize any of the services to your needs by integrating the APIs into your existing infrastructure. Use our libraries, plugins and SDKs to start accepting payments, offering loans, verifying identities and performing funds transfers.

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