Conveniently transfer funds to any bank account with Optimus

Sending money from most traditional banks is tedious and expensive and does not give businesses the flexibility they need to integrate disbursements into their core systems. Use Optimus to automate your payout and funds transfers work flow.

Overdrafts New!

One of the problems businesses face is liquidity and access to cash flow over weekends and long settlement cycles. Optimus Overdrafts provide businesses with access to this needed cash whenever they need it. With Optimus Overdrafts, businesses can keep transfering funds even when their balance is zero

Low interest rates

At 0.3% interest per day for up to ₦20m limit without any collateral, Optimus Overdraft is one of the cheapest overdrafts accessible to businesses in the country.

Quick and Accessible

Optimus Overdraft is fully digital and easily accessible by all businesses. Simply complete our application form, provide the required documents, and you are set to go.

Pay for what you use

With Optimus OD, interest is paid only on money used. This means that you are charged only for amounts borrowed from day-to-day and not on the entire Overdraft limit.

Trusted by reputable brands

Carbon is trusted by reputable companies across various industries using our robust infrastructure and suite of services to grow their business

Funds Transfer @
per transfer
Overdrafts @ 0.3% per day
Create an Optimus Account

How it works

Create a Carbon Business Account

Creating a Carbon Business account is as easy as abc. Simply fill in the required information and you’re set to go.

Transfer money from your bank to your Carbon Business Account

Your business account is created and you’re ready to start enjoying amazing benefits! Send money to your account to get started.

Use the Dashboard or APIs to Transfer money to your customers

Ready to send money out of your business account? Move your money around in just a few taps.

Get access to Overdrafts and never run out of cash

Need cash with your account balance at zero? No worries. Simply apply for an Optimus overdraft and access funds instantly.

Developer's Hub

The API platform for Financial Services

Built by developers for developers. Scale your business with robust APIs

const carbonpay = require('carbonpay')('key_ndgs7628ddjdWEY2898E2_jdsggw7627hjbha');
const charge_card = await carbonpay.charge({
    carbonpay: 2000,
    currency: 'NGN',
    customer: {
        email: '',
        name: 'John Doe'
    source: {
        number: '4123451234512345',
        cvv: '123',
        exp_month: 12,
        exp_year: 2019

POST /v1/verify/ HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Basic xyhsgsjgshs==
Content-Type: application/json
cache-contro: no-cache

    identification_number: 'A12345678',
    identification_type: 'passport',
    identification_dob: '1990-02-01'",
    identification_name: 'Homo Sapien'

POST /v2/transfer/ HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Basic xyhsgsjgshs==
Content-Type: application/json

    transaction_amount: 10000,
    beneficiary_account_number: '0123456789',
    beneficiary_bank_code: '058',
    custom_fields: {
        invoice: '2332211223',
        description: 'Payment for 3 API Shoes'
    customer_reference: '323345',
    transaction_narration: 'Transfers for 3 API Shoes'

Coming soon!

Integration has never been easier. Customize any of the services to your needs by integrating the APIs into your existing infrastructure. Use our libraries, plugins and SDKs to start accepting payments, offering loans, verifying identities and performing funds transfers.

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