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Leverage our APIs to build and scale your business with access to easy uncollateralized credit, secure online payments, reliable funds transfer and fast KYC compliance obligations

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Carbon is trusted by reputable companies across various industries using our robust infrastructure and suite of services to grow their business

The complete suite of services to help your business scale

Online Payments

Accept online payments from Visa, Verve and Mastercard in over 40 currencies. All transactions are PCI DSS compliant, 3D Secure enabled, and processed through an SSL encrypted channel.

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Business Loans

Traditional sources of financing are rigid, demand collateral, and do not fit your business flow. Take your business to the next level with up to ₦20 million uncollateralized flexible repayment loans.

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Funds Transfers & Overdrafts

Never let your business run dry again with Optimus. Reliably transfer funds at cheaper rates than the banks and keep your business afloat with an Overdraft when you need liquidity.

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Identity Verification

CarbonIVS is the most advanced and comprehensive Identity Verification System in Nigeria, helping businesses maintain KYC compliance, fight fraud and onboard customers faster.

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Complete & Feature Rich

We are a world class Financial Services company known for excellence. Here are some reasons why you should use Carbon's Infrastructure

Meet business objectives

Achieve your objectives and strategic goals faster in an ever changing and dynamic market by powering their digital transformation through access to credit and robust technical integrations.

Boost value offerings

Meet evolving customer demands rapidly, improve transaction processing efficiency by 80%, and deliver your value proposition in a fraction of the time and complexity of bloated legacy systems.

Get to market faster

Carbon is helping FinTechs and other businesses get beyond MVP faster. Offer loans to your customers, build state-of-the-art onboarding flows and meet compliance obligations faster

Developer's Hub

The API platform for Financial Services

Built by developers for developers. Scale your business with robust APIs

const carbonpay = require('carbonpay')('key_ndgs7628ddjdWEY2898E2_jdsggw7627hjbha');
const charge_card = await carbonpay.charge({
    carbonpay: 2000,
    currency: 'NGN',
    customer: {
        email: 'john@doe.com',
        name: 'John Doe'
    source: {
        number: '4123451234512345',
        cvv: '123',
        exp_month: 12,
        exp_year: 2019

POST /v1/verify/ HTTP/1.1
Host: carbonivs.co
Authorization: Basic xyhsgsjgshs==
Content-Type: application/json
cache-contro: no-cache

    identification_number: 'A12345678',
    identification_type: 'passport',
    identification_dob: '1990-02-01'",
    identification_name: 'Homo Sapien'

POST /v2/transfer/ HTTP/1.1
Host: optimus-staging.getcarbon.co
Authorization: Basic xyhsgsjgshs==
Content-Type: application/json

    transaction_amount: 10000,
    beneficiary_account_number: '0123456789',
    beneficiary_bank_code: '058',
    custom_fields: {
        invoice: '2332211223',
        description: 'Payment for 3 API Shoes'
    customer_reference: '323345',
    transaction_narration: 'Transfers for 3 API Shoes'

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Integration has never been easier. Customize any of the services to your needs by integrating the APIs into your existing infrastructure. Use our libraries, plugins and SDKs to start accepting payments, offering loans, verifying identities and performing funds transfers.

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